Welcome To United

Welcome To United

United Academy (UA), situated in Kumaripati, Lalitpur is a premier +2 Secondary School established in 1997 and affiliated with National Examinations Board (NEB), Nepal. Over the past two and a half decades, UA has established itself as one of the most sought-after school in the Kathmandu valley, offering courses in Science, Management, Humanities, and Law.

In addition to its +2 programs, UA has expanded its academic operations to include two junior wings, United School, United Universal School, offering education up to the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) level, and a senior wing, United College, offering programs such as BA, BBS, BCA, BBM, and MBS, affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

At UA, students receive a well-rounded education, with the college following state-of-the-art scientific teaching techniques and pedagogies while providing an environment conducive to academic success of the students. The management at UA prioritizes efficiency and creating a congenial atmosphere for learning, and the college has its own academic calendar that is released each year at the start of the new session.

Discipline is at the core of UA's philosophy. The college is dedicated to instilling a deep sense of discipline in its students, with the motto of "Clean the Country through the Classroom (CCC)". The Academy also places a strong emphasis on moral values, believing that good education is linked with the formation of character and a strong sense of discipline.

UA is committed to helping each student reach his/her full potential, recognizing that every human being is unique and has abundant potential that can be honed and developed with the right environment and good companions. The academy creates a safe and positive environment for its students, where they can thrive and develop their culture, discipline, and relevant social skills.

The school community, including administrators, teachers, staff, parents/guardians, and students, take pride in being part of the United Community and view the physical and intellectual capital of the institution as their own.

UA invites future students and their parents to come and see for themselves the distinctive academic practices and environment that the academy has to offer. With its focus on discipline, character-building, and supportive learning environment, UA is the ideal place for students seeking to achieve academic and personal excellence.

What's Next?

What's Next?