United Academy's United Alumni Association (UAA) is a powerful platform for students and alumni to connect, network, and find job opportunities. UAA, led by alumni of United itself, has already hosted a successful fair mela, with plans to host more exciting events such as reunion programs and job fairs featuring successful alumni entrepreneurs.


By leveraging the power of its alumni network, United Academy is preparing its students for real-world success, even beyond the classroom. The UAA provides a unique opportunity for students to connect with established professionals, gain valuable insight into various industries, and potentially land their dream job. There are more than 20,000 alumni of the United Academy scattered globally.

Objectives of UAA

  • Connect with Alumni: UAA aims to establish and maintain a strong relationship with alumni of the United Academy to foster a sense of community and enable networking opportunities.
  • Gather Alumni Stories: UAA seeks to collect and showcase alumni stories, highlighting their achievements and successes. This can inspire current students and promote the school's reputation.
  • Support Career Development: UAA provides a platform for alumni and students to find job opportunities, whether through job fairs or networking events. This can help students transition into the workforce and benefit from the experience and advice of established professionals.
  • Host Events: UAA plans to host various events, including reunions, alumni networking events, and career fairs. These events can strengthen the bonds between alumni and the school community and provide valuable networking opportunities for all.
  • Promote Entrepreneurship: UAA aims to showcase successful alumni entrepreneurs and inspire students to pursue their entrepreneurial ventures.

Notable Work Done By UAA

Overall, UAA seeks to leverage the power of its alumni network to benefit the school community by creating valuable opportunities for students and alumni to connect and grow.

  • Traveled from Mechi to Mahakali to reconnect with the alumni through a massive Alumni Visit
  • Successfully held the first-ever alumni fest, Alumni Mela - where alumni showcased their businesses
  • Held Panel Discussion on DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality and invited accomplished women alumni to join in initiating meaningful conversations.
  • Organized Christmas Market with a participation of 1500 alumni where everyone came together for food stalls, business exhibitions, games and much more.

Alumni Stories

Listen to the alumni's journeys and their stories; the tales of the United Academy will undoubtedly inspire you in some manner. They were formerly academy students and are now demonstrating what they learned there in the real world. We advise all users to listen to the testimonies of our graduates.