Fees and Scholarship


Fee And Scholarships


Please contact uabill@united.edu.np, call/ Viber/ Whatsapp on +9779851248627 or visit the college for updated information related to fees.

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Scholarships Programme


At United Academy, we understand the importance of providing opportunities for all our students to excel, regardless of their financial circumstances. That's why we offer scholarships to our brilliant students who meet certain eligibility criteria, to ensure that no student is held back from pursuing their dreams because of financial difficulties.

In addition to our scholarships, we also recognize and reward academic excellence through various awards. We annually present the ‘Best Student Award’ to the top three students of each faculty in both Class XI and Class XII, based on the results of our annual competition exam. We believe that this fosters a healthy and competitive learning environment, where students are motivated to perform their best.

Furthermore, we acknowledge the top three students in each faculty for each terminal examination with our Academic Awards. This is our way of inspiring and encouraging our students to strive for academic excellence.

At UA, we also provide generous scholarships to students who perform exceptionally well in the NEB examination. We offer 100% scholarships for the first position, 75% for the second, and 50% for the third position. We believe that this encourages our students to work hard and strive for academic success.

Finally, we offer scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, as recommended by the Education Office of Lalitpur Metropolitan City. We want to ensure that all students have access to the same opportunities, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We believe in providing ample opportunities for our students to succeed and reach their full potential. Join us at United Academy and let your hard work and dedication be recognized and rewarded!

ScholarScheme for class XI

SNEligibility (Entrance Exam Merit Topper)Admission Fee (%)Tuition Fee (%)Science FacultyManagement FacultyHumanities FacultyLaw Faculty
11st Position1001001 Student1 Student1 Student1 Student
22nd to 5th Position75754 Students4 StudentsXX
36th to 15th Position505010 Students10 StudentsXX
416th to 30th Position302015 Students15 StudentsXX
531st to 45th Position251515 Students15 StudentsXX
646th to 65th Position201020 Students20 StudentsXX
766th to 101th Position20X36 Students36 StudentsXX


Note: The name of the Scholarship awarded to students will be categorically announced.

What's Next?

What's Next?