United Moot Court
United Moot Court is a replica of a real courtroom, providing students with an authentic experience of legal proceedings. The moot court sessions are led by experienced lawyers and judges who provide guidance and feedback to the students. This practical experience helps law students develop their legal skills, such as drafting legal documents, arguing cases, and cross-examining witnesses.

The moot court sessions are not limited to just law students. Students from other faculties are also encouraged to participate as witnesses, jurors, or even as clients seeking legal advice. This interdisciplinary approach helps students understand the role of law in various aspects of life and promotes a holistic understanding of the legal system.

Apart from the moot court sessions, the Academy also organizes various legal events such as debates, seminars, and workshops. These events provide students with opportunities to engage with legal professionals, academics, and experts on various legal topics. The Academy also hosts moot court competitions, inviting law schools from other institutions to participate, and providing a platform for students to showcase their legal skills and learn from their peers.

The moot court program at United Academy is not only a valuable resource for law students but also contributes to the larger legal community. The program helps create a pipeline of skilled legal professionals who are well-equipped to meet the needs of the legal industry. It also promotes legal literacy and awareness, helping individuals better understand their legal rights and responsibilities.

The moot court program at United Academy is an integral part of the legal education offered by the institution. It provides students with practical experience, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities, and contributes to the larger legal community.