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United Robotics Club is all about great minds and tech enthusiasts working in the field of Robotics. United Robotics Club has been able to create great platform for students who are very much into Robotics and follow Robotics passionately. The active members of United Robotics Club are always trying to help and create a platform for new comers to get in Robotics. This is the reason why the students from United Robotics Club were able to win few competition and even got chance to represent Nepal and international stages. After winning Yantra 6.0 and Yantra 7.0 – the International Robotics Competition held in Nepal which was organized by the Robotics Association of Nepal, students from United Robotics Club were selected to represent Nepal in TechNex IIT, the annual techno-management fest of Indian Institute of Technology. The participating students Srijan Ghimire, Sudip Bhusal, Ujjwal Dhakal, and Shishir Subedi are currently in Varanasi, India for the competition. The club has participated in three different events namely: DroneTech2. Hydrax3. and Hurdle mania.

The benefits of UARC are numerous. Students have the opportunity to participate in national and international robotics competitions, putting United Academy on the map as a leader in the field. Through these competitions, students also gain experience in teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving - all skills that are valuable in any field.

The UARC program at United Academy is a testament to the school's commitment to providing its students with opportunities to explore their passions and gain valuable experience that will benefit them throughout their lives. Whether students go on to pursue careers in robotics or simply carry the skills they've learned into other fields, UARC is a valuable part of the United Academy experience.

United Robotics Fest 1.0

United Robotics Fest 1.0 is an event that was organized in association with the Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN). It intended to inculcate a scientific temperament in students by providing them with a platform to innovate. It was an amalgamation of several integral components – Workshop, Project Development, Science Exhibition, Robotics Competition, and Panel Discussion. The event featured 17 unique projects, the top 3 winners were: Smart Dustin, Rain Alarm System, and Soil Moisture Monitoring System. Parents were invited to attend the event and witness firsthand the amazing projects their children had created. From miniature robots to complex drones, the event was a testament to the skills and ingenuity of these young students.

URAC also hosted an inter-school robot soccer competition, which drew participants from numerous schools. This exciting event allowed students to showcase their skills in a competitive setting, and also provided a platform for them to connect with other robotics enthusiasts.

The robotics event and robot soccer competition demonstrated the commitment of the United Academy to provide its students with opportunities to develop skills and pursue their interests. The Academy's support for robotics education and the URAC has enabled students to explore their creativity and pursue their passion for robotics.

As a prospective student considering the United Academy, these events offer a glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic community of students, educators, and professionals who are all committed to excellence in robotics education. The Academy's focus on fostering innovation and creativity through robotics education is a clear indication of its commitment to preparing students for the future and ensuring that they have the skills they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

What's Next?

What's Next?