Our library is well-equipped with textbooks, reference books, study materials, newspapers, and magazines. We have 14,410 books (6472 references and 7938 textbooks) in total as of 2019. The students have access to the reading room in the library for uninterrupted reading. They can also borrow books from the library for self-study. Since the library also has all the leading national newspapers and magazines, the students can visit the library during break time to browse through them and learn about current affairs.

Sobha Shrestha

Ganga Pradhan

The library covers a wide range of subjects and has ample study space. Our library is well-equipped with textbooks, reference books, journals, study materials, newspapers, and magazines. 

The opening hours for the library are 07:00 - 17:00 from Sunday - Friday. 

Location and Contact details:

The library is located on the top floor of the Main Building.

Email: ualibrary@united.edu.np 

Computer Use

The library has computers for students to use. The staff are there for assistance. 

Study Space

The library has spaces for quiet study as well as a group study. 

Library Regulations

  • The student must have a valid United Academy and United College card to use the library books.
  • The card must be shown in case a librarian asks you at the library.
  • The damage to library property must be reported and must be replaced.
  • The library items must be issued before they are removed from the library. 
  • The students can only use their library cards to borrow books.
• The students cannot borrow non-course books during exam time.

United Academy e-library provides books, journals, and other media in digital form. The contents of the e-library are stored electronically on our school server and can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Our electronic library is created by digitizing different printed matter and by importing existing digital libraries into the system. Electronic libraries offer several advantages over traditional print libraries: they are more accessible, more searchable, and less expensive to maintain. 

Our e-library offers many benefits to students such as:

1) You don't need to go anywhere to borrow and read a book. All you need is an internet connection and a device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. 

2) You can borrow lots of different kinds of books from different authors, genres, etc. 

3) You can find your favourite book easily by searching for it in the library catalogue or browsing through the list of available titles on your device's.