Life as a Hosteller


United Academy (UA) provides a hostel facility to its students to create a conducive learning environment. The hostel facility is located inside the UA premises and consists of five blocks for girls and six blocks for boys, all of which are well-equipped for comfortable living. Each block is supervised by a warden, and there is a Residential Nurse available for the students 24x7.

The daily routine at UA hostel starts with a morning assembly at 5:45 am, where the hostel students are encouraged to participate in Taekwondo or at least some form of physical training such as stretching. After the assembly, the students are taken to the cafeteria for breakfast. After breakfast, they are encouraged to clean up their living spaces themselves, helping them develop a sense of responsibility for their surroundings.

From 7 am to 10 am, the students have allocated study time, where they are assisted and guided by tutors in different subjects. They also have self-study time from 7 pm to 11 pm, where they are encouraged to study by themselves and are supervised by the hostel incharges.

The students are accompanied by the wardens and hosted in sizes during breakfast at 6 am, lunch at 10 am, and dinner at 6 pm. The formal classes run from 10:55 am to 5 pm, where the students attend lectures and learn from their teachers.

UA has a well-structured and organized routine for its students, ensuring a balance between academics, physical fitness, and personal responsibility. The hostel facility provides a secure and comfortable living space, with necessary supervision and support, to enhance the students' learning experience.

Weekends at Hostel

On weekends, many hostellers spend their time engaging in various activities such as self-discussion, watching movies, playing games, or participating in sports activities. UA offers a great way to relax and unwind after a busy week of classes. Additionally, The United Coffee Club has everything to make the hostellers’ stay at the hostel even more enjoyable, even during weekends.

Apart from the routine activities, UA provides Zumba and Taekwondo, which are extra classes offered to the hostel students. There are also other facilities available to both girls and boys, such as separate gym and movie screenings.

UA Hostel understands the importance of providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where students can socialize, have fun, and enjoy great food. The institution takes pride in offering a safe and welcoming space for the students to come together and create lasting memories.

What's Next?

What's Next?