Head Of Department

Compulsory Subjects


Name: Devika Rai

Subject: Nepali

Contact: +977 9851029639

Description: Devika Rai has completed her B.A. and M.A. from TU in Humanities and Social Science. She is also trained in project management.


Name: Hemraj Gyawali

Subject: English

Contact: +977 9841309194

Description: Hemraj Gyawali has completed his B.A. in English and sociology from TU, B.ED in English from TU, Master in Public Administration from TU and Master in English Literature from TU and M. Phil. from Pokhara University. Previously he worked as an HP consultant at the British Council Kathmandu. He joined United Academy in 2006.


Name: Sameer Khadka

Subject: Social Studies and Life Skills Education

Contact: +977 9851029639

Description: Sameer Khadka completed his BA specializing in Population Studies and Political Science from TU and his MA in Population Studies from TU. He has taught in various reputed colleges including Padma Kanya Multiple Campus and has experience working as a Research Assistant for various projects with NGOs and INGOs.



Name: Raj Kumar Mahato

Subject: Maths

Contact: +977 9851068341

Description: Raj Kumar Mahato has completed his M.Sc. in Mathematics from the Central Department of Mathematics, Kirtipur, Tribhuvan University and has also completed his second Master’s Degree in Maithili from RRM Campus, Janakpur. His works have been published in various journals. He joined United Academy in 2021 as Head of Department for Mathematics.


Name: Amar Nath Sharma

Subject: Physics

Contact: +977 9841403427

Description: Amar Nath Sharma completed his M.Sc. in physics from Tribhuvan University. He started teaching at United Academy in 2010 A.D.


Name: Indra Maiya Manandhar

Subject: Botany

Contact: +977 9841411608

Description: Indra Maiya Manandhar has completed her Postgraduate Diploma from the Agricultural University of Norway with a thesis titled “High altitude forest in western Nepal: species composition and regeneration along a disturbance gradient”. Similarly, She has completed her M.Sc. with merit from TU (1984). She also participated in the first National Botanical Congress on 11/12/1992, held in Kathmandu.


Name: Pabitra Muni Bajracharya

Subject: Zoology

Contact: +977 9841636201

Description: Pabitra Muni Bajracharya obtained his Master’s Degree in Zoology from Tribhuvan University. He has been part of United Academy since July in 2010. He possesses a high level of knowledge and expertise in the field of Zoology through his educational qualifications and professional experience.


Name: Sharmila Bajracharya

Subject: Chemistry

Contact: +977 9841294020

Description: Sharmila Bajracharya has completed both B.Sc. and M.Sc. from TU. She has been teaching at United since 1998 B.S.



Name: Abdul Aziz Miya

Subject: Computer

Contact: +977 9843684706



Name: Deepak K.C.

Subject: Accountancy

Contact: +977 9841268108

Description: Deepak K.C. has completed his B.Com from Shankar Dev campus and MBA from TU. Before joining United he worked as an Account Teacher in Bachelor programs as well as higher secondary schools.


Name: Ajay Chandra Jha

Subject: Economics

Contact: +977 9841690596

Description: Ajay Chandra Jha is a B.A. in Mathematics and MA in Economics from TU. Before joining United Academy in 2060 B.S. He has many years of experience as a lecturer in reputed colleges in Nepal.


Name: Samjhana Sapkota

Subject: Business Studies

Contact: +977 9841429383

Description: Samjhana Sapkota has a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from TU and MBA as well as from TU. She worked as a lecturer in many colleges before joining United in 2003 B.S. She also has published a manual on Financial Management for the MBA curriculum by Asmita book Publication.


Name: Rajesh K.C

Subject: Hotel Management

Contact: +977 9851036311

Description: Rajesh K.C. has a Diploma in Hotel Management from Galaxy School Of Hotel Management and completed his Masters in Hotel and Hospitality Management from Purbanchal University. He worked as Director at Hotel Mandap, Thamel and has been teaching at United Academy since 2008 A.D.


Name: Nishan Luitel

Subject: Basic Maths / Business Maths

Contact: +977 9841516482

Description: Nishan Luitel obtained his Master’s degree from Tribhuwan University in Statistics. He joined United Academy in December 2022.



Name: Arjun Kaphle

Subject: Major English

Contact: +977 9840200926

Description: Arjun Kaphle has more than 2 decades of teaching experience and has been teaching to both High School and Bachelor's Level students. He completed his MA in English from Tribhuvan University.


Name: Ranjan Jha

Subject: Mass Communications

Contact: +977 9841589052

Description: Ranjan Jha did his BA from Lalit Narayan Mithila University, India and Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism, YMCA New Delhi. He has worked as a correspondent in New Delhi, Reporter, PR officer, Senior Sub-Editor in Channel Nepal and Editor in charge of Avenues television.


Name: Indira K.C.

Subject: Sociology

Contact: +977 9841501316

Description: Indira K.C. has her Master’s Degree in Sociology and she joined United Academy in August 2005. She has a lot of experience and expertise in the field of education. She is also Chief Academic Counsellor where her background in Sociology particularly provides guidance and support to students and faculty members on academic matters including advising students on course selection, helping them develop study skills, and working with faculty members to ensure that courses are engaging and effective.



Name: Ekata Paudel

Subject: Constitutional Law | Criminal Law

Contact: +977 9849154622



Name: Rajesh Bastola

Subject: Jurisprudence | Nepalese Legal System

Contact: +977 9843357799



Name: Shrijana Gautam

Subject: Procedural Law | Legal Drafting

Contact: +977 9851233002