Code of conduct

United Academy (UA) asserts that discipline is an essential aspect of providing a top-quality education. UA has established a code of conduct that covers various areas, including dress code, academic integrity, examination regulations and disciplinary measures to maintain the high standards of its academic community.


United Academy committees to provide a safe, inclusive and disciplined environment that fosters academic excellence and personal growth for all our students.

UA insists on maintaining a culture of compliance, and infractions of the academy's code of conduct are not acceptable. All students are expected to adhere to the academy's rules and regulations to foster an environment of mutual respect and academic excellence.

UA prioritizes the development of our students' character alongside academic excellence. As such, adherence to our code of conduct is a crucial aspect of achieving these goals. We strive to create a safe and inclusive community that promotes the success and growth of all our students.

UA ensures a safe and conducive learning environment through following guidelines and rules that must be followed strictly by all students:

  1. All classes are required to be attended by students, and punctuality, especially during the first hour of the first class, is expected.
  2. The Academy premises cannot be entered by any student without the proper uniform and a neat haircut. It is not permitted to wear jewelry, cosmetics, coloured nails, and hair.
  3. Displaying their identity cards while on Academy premises is required for all students.
  4. The prescribed times must be followed by students for entering and leaving the Academy premises.
  5. Any damage caused to UA's property by a student must be compensated by paying the price.
  6. Materials like periodicals, photographs, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets are prohibited from being brought by students. Motorbikes and cell phones are strictly prohibited while in the Academy College uniform. If found, these items will be seized and not returned until the academic session ends.
  7. Smoking, consuming alcoholic and toxic substances, engaging in love affairs, and physical fighting are strictly prohibited activities for students. Immediate expulsion from the college without any consideration will be the result of violations of these rules in uniform or on Academy College premises.