Club & Societies

Students from United Academy join different clubs that help them in developing their skills and give them a platform to express themselves, with the help of these clubs they may address their agendas and get support from the college itself to help solve the problems. 


  • Student Council Club

    SCC is a team of students who work to coordinate the activities of other student-led clubs. They help to ensure that all events run smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Literary Club

    This club is responsible for publishing the Academy annual and bi-monthly magazines. They showcase the talent and achievements of our students.

  • Nature Club

    Our Nature Club is dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment. They run campaigns to raise awareness and take part in cleaning initiatives.

  • Cultural Club

    The Cultural Club brings together students who share an interest in celebrating diverse cultures. They organize welcoming and farewell events and plan cultural festivals.

  • Robotics Club

    The United Academy Robotics Club was established by a group of students who had a passion for robotics. United Academy provided the necessary support to establish the club, which now actively organizes workshops and training for students to compete in inter-college and international competitions.

  • Social Work Club

    Our Social Work Club is committed to making a positive impact on the community. They take part in various initiatives such as blood donation drives, food/clothes/book donations, and visits to child shelters and old-age homes.

  • Sports Club

    Our Sports Club is dedicated to promoting physical activity and healthy competition. They organize intra-school and inter-school sports events, including basketball, futsal, football, badminton, chess, table tennis, and more.