United Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Incubation (UCEII)


Find your “WHY?”

The United Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Incubation (UCEII), United Academy (sponsored by United Academy and United Academy Alumni Association) was established in 2022, to build a national-leading innovation think-tank and research platform to explore innovation and advanced business practices, to motivate students to start their own business venture instead of queuing in the job market, to catalyze and promote startups, and to guide and assist in identifying a platform for commercialization.

Whether you're a student with a passion for technology, a desire to make a positive impact on the world, or a dream of starting your own business, UCEII is the perfect place to turn your ideas into reality. Our incubation centre provides a supportive and collaborative environment where students can receive guidance and support at every step of the entrepreneurship journey.

With the leadership of successful entrepreneurs with years of experience in the field, UCEII offers a unique opportunity for students to learn from a real-life entrepreneur and receive hands-on guidance in building their ideas from scratch. Our incubation centre offers a range of services, from prototyping and funding to networking and mentorship, all aimed at helping our students succeed

If you're looking to turn your dreams into a reality, we invite you to join UCEII and take the first step toward becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Objectives Of “UCEII”

  • To identify potential Entrepreneurs among the students and faculty of the United Academy and to create a platform for them to emerge as successful entrepreneurs.
  • To identify new business opportunities in various sectors.
  • To focus on areas with high potential for Entrepreneurship
  • To network with entrepreneurship development institutes, funding agencies, and other industry/academic institutions to support entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Encourage students to innovate by providing a conducive ecosystem.
  • Encourage students to incubate their innovations on UCEII premises.
  • Encourage the industry to incubate the ideas in UCEII premises.
  • Establish tie-ups with the industry.

What's Next?

What's Next?